Anjou Dead Sea Mud Mask: Review




Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Today I want to talk about face masks, theAnjou Dead Sea Mud Mask to be exact.

I received this a couple of weeks ago and have been using it regularly, and it really is one of the nicest masks I’ve used in awhile.


Let’s start with the packaging.this is in a large gray plastic pot that has a bit of a muted silvery glow to it.  Of my favorite parts of the packaging of this is the lid, it completely mirrored, so in theory, you could apply this looking just in the lid(not that you’d need to but you could).

This has a lot more product than I expected, I just imagined that it would be in a pot sized similarly to the L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks but it’s a good deal bigger, and it is filled right to the top weighing in at 17oz ( 500 ml).


Now to the mask itself is, of course, is the must important thing. And this one surpassed my expectations.

My skin has been acting really weird lately and I have been having reactions to pretty much all the masks I have tried out recently, so when started testing this one out I was feeling little apprehensive that this one would do the same. Thankfully, however, I have had no problem with irritation, I think this has to do with the soothing nature of this mask.

This mask contains dead sea mud(Maris Silt), aloe barbadensis gel, and vitamin E. It’s also cruelty-free, paraben free, and fragrance-free.


The texture is unique to any other clay mask I’ve used up to this point. it feels beautifully smooth going on the skin (it actually feels like butter), but is also lightly exfoliating when removing it.

This claims to improve skin complexion, unclogs pores, removes dirt and dead tissues, as well as cleanse your skin of toxins.
It’s also supposed to help tone and detoxify your skin to give you a younger appearance.
Being all of nineteen I don’t really need a lot of anti-aging properties in my skincare but it’s always an added bonus.
After using this mask my skin does feel like it had a deeper more thorough clean, as well as feeling softer and more firm.


I have had some form of acne of my upper arms for quite a few years and have never really taken any time to address it, but at my mom’s suggestion, I tried using this on them and after just once I notice that the skin seemed smoother and less irritated.

My final thoughts on this mask are that it feels great,  and is wonderful for those days when my skin feels tired and grimy. As far as how it works over time I’m not yet sure, but I have nothing but high hopes.

What are your thoughts on this mask?

Do you prefer wash-off or peel-off masks?

Let me know down in the comments, and don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin or by email to be updated a new post goes up.



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*This product was sent to me for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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