Base Beauty Silicone Diamond Blender: Thoughts & Review



One of the many new beauty fads is this strange thing called a silicone beauty blender.

From the minute I saw this little sparkly teardrop-shaped beauty blender I know I had to have it in my life. I mean if I had a normal boring beauty blender while I had the chance to have a sparkly silicone one that would you think of me? I mean this is A Sparkle Of Grace after all!


Base Beauty Diamon Beauty Blender 

This blender is made of medical-grade hypoallergenic silicone which makes it way more hygienic and does not store dirt, oils or other breakout causing bacteria. Since it isn’t porous it takes a lot less makeup to achieve a flawless finish.

How’s the quality?

The quality is really nice, it feels durable and well made. It has a weird jelly like the feel and so far is holding up well. The only thing I have to notice it that the Base Beauty logo is starting to wear away after just a week of use.

How does it work?

You apply a small amount foundation( of whatever product you’re using) and spread it on your face in circular motions. Then you use a dabbing motion to get that flawless finish. Since this has such a flexible design is really easy to get around the nose and under the eyes.


Does it really save product?

I would say I have been using forty percent less foundation than I would use with my Real Techniques sponge. While this does save product it does not save time, it takes me about twice as long to get a smooth non-smeary finish with than with my usual sponge.


Another plus it that being silicone makes that super easy to clean, just a drop of soap and some warm water and it’s as good as new.

Final Thoughts 

I think the idea behind this product is quite an ingenious one.

I Can definitely see it saving me money over time especially with higher end foundation and that sort of thing.

Overall I think this would be a fun whimsical and useful addition to any makeup fanatics collection. As it does take longer to get the finish I like I don’t think I will be using it on a daily basis, but I will definitely be using it with my more expensive foundations.

What are your thoughts on silicone beauty blenders?

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4 thoughts on “Base Beauty Silicone Diamond Blender: Thoughts & Review

  1. They look like such a strange thing to use, I;m not sure I like the idea even though I’ve heard they’re really good!
    I do like that its easy to clean though, I hate cleaning brushes/sponges!


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