Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette


I have mentioned this palette in a couple of my previous posts and kept promising to do a review with swatches, and have been procrastinating dreadfully.

So here it finally is!



This palette includes six shadows and three wet or dry eyeliner powders.

The packaging it what I think makes this palette unique, it’s an adorable leopard print tin. The size is another plus, it’s about four inches long, so it would be perfect for travel.

The lightest or base shadows are in bigger tins that are about twice the size of the other color shadows.

Purr/Tiger’s Eye/ Leopard

Day Look

Purr A beautiful pearly cream shade with a hint of sparkle.

Tiger’s Eye A lovely semi-metallic bronze shadow

Leopard A dark brown shade with gold glitter

The shadows that are considered the day look are the ones that I use most often, it makes a beautiful natural bronze eye look.

Meow/Pussy Cat/ Jungle Love


Meow A soft off white matte shadow.

Pussy Cat A glowy pinky purple shadow

Jungle Love Black with dark purple and silver glitter

Classic makes for a light purple slightly pink look. I haven’t used this one as much, but Pussy Cat is stunning.

Kitten/Kitty Glitter/Panther


Kitten A glowy creamy pink matte shadow

Kitty Glitter A silver-blue semi-metallic shadow

Panther Matte Black

When I bought this palette I thought that Kitty Glitter would be the only shade I wouldn’t use, but as it turns out it’s one of my favorites. I love to use it just on the lid, the cool silver blue really makes other colors pop as well as brighten the eyes.

Left-Right Panther/Jungle Love/ Leopard

With the right brush, all three of the liners can look great. but it’s tricky to get just the right amount of water on the brush to get it to look right.

I have been using Leopard in the crease with a thin brush to completely trace to shape of my lid, and once it’s well blended it makes my eyes look bigger and more awake.


The pigmentation on all of the shadows it really nice, it gives a very subtle and delicate color pay off. I also love how all of the looks are interchangeable, you can use any one shadow with any other and it will look just as amazing.

Overall I think this is a great little palette, and would highly recommend keeping an eye out for it at your local TJ/TK Maxx, if only because it’s so cute. I found this for $14.99.

Have you tried this palette? or would you in the future?


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