June Lifestyle Favorites


What a beauty and a lifestyle favorites?

I know!

For the most part, I just live my life without paying much attention to the little things I use every day, but every now and then there is something that I just love.

This month has been filled with things that I just adore, so I know I had to share them with you.


Botanical Essence Lavender Oil Clearing Spray  

I have been misting this around my room every night, I find to scent to be quite soothing. It has a very light clean lavender scent, plus the bottle is adorable.


Aveniro Foot Scraper

My feet tend to need a lot more care in the summer months because for one they’re visible, and two I’m always barefoot when I’m at home.


Charming Charlie Masked Cat Watch 

If you are following me on Instagram you will have seen this darling watch. This watch is so completely me, right down to the sparkly band. The only problem with this watch is that I can’t tell the time on it, but I really don’t mind because it’s more like a bracelet anyway. I have been wearing this everywhere, every time I leave the house I’m wearing this little guy.


Gold Butterfly Ring

This ring has been around for ages and I’m afraid I don’t now where it came from, but I linked to a  similar one.


Vintage Style Camino Necklace

I made this necklace ages ago, but I have just recently fallen in love with is. Over the last couple of months, I have been anything in the vintage style and this necklace goes perfectly with a dusty pink blouse I am currently loving.DSC_0173

Unspoken by Unspoken

This album is amazing.  The vocals, the beat, and of course the lyrics are all amazing. There are lie with most albums a couple of songs that I’m not as fond of but they are all good.  My favorite tracks are Everything, Tommorrow(Radio Mix), Good Fight, and Start A Fire.


Matching Sweaters & The Boat House

So, I dragged my family to a Gaelic Storm concert early in June(they enjoyed it too), and oh my goodness did we have fun!

I have been to so fun shows but none of them top this one. The show itself was super fun, I clapped till my hands were sore and laughed till my stomach hurt.

The best part thought has to be after the show, as it turned out we were staying at the same hotel as the band, so got the chance to visit with them and of course, I had to ask them all to sign The Boathouse cd. They were absolutely lovely and fun people to talk to, we most have talked to Patrick for a good half-hour and both he and Steven made us feel like we had been friends for ages.

I really do love both of this cd, but Matching Sweaters is probably my favorite. My favorite tracks on The Boathouse are My Son John and Watery Grave. My favorites on Matching Sweaters are Girls Night in Galway, Six of One, Dancing in The Rain, and of course If You’ve Got Time.



Thanks it for my June Lifestyle favorites.

Now can probably tell why I don’t do these every month, I tend to hardly talk about one thing, and go on forever about something else.

That have you been loving this month?

Would you like to see me do these post more regularly?



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