Let’s Chat about Chronic Pain


I have never talked about this part of my life on A Sparkle Of Grace, mainly because I wanted to keep things fun and lighthearted, but I have been thinking about it lately and I feel like it’s a journey that shouldn’t be ignored and who know’s maybe it might help someone to know that they’re not the only one going through a rough spot.

Another reason is that it has been coming up in conversation a lot more of late and feel like I need to get some things out of my system because I’m terrible at explaining things in spoken words.

Pain isn’t fun for any of use, and thankfully the majority of our injuries heal and go away after a period of time. Then there are those of us that for some reason or other have this little thing called chronic pain.

Now I have never been officially diagnosed with chronic pain, I’ve actually never been diagnosed with anything, but from all I’ve read, heard and learned over the past several years I would definitely say I have chronic pain.

What is chronic pain? 

Chronic pain is when the nervous system sends ongoing signals to the brain, sometimes it’s the result of an injury or trauma, or be the part of an ongoing problem. The scariest thing about chronic pain it that its side effects aren’t just physical, they take on an emotional toll and can cause mental strain, as well as affecting your immune system.

How it affects my social life:

Thankfully I don’t think I have missed out on much, I still do the majority of things I set out to do, but there have been times where I just had to say no, and times where I just didn’t want to do something enough to put myself through the discomfort.

The only real way it has affected my social life is that it has taken the fun out of a lot of things. What sounds like a fun day shopping with the girls might end up being two hours of pure fun and the rest of it might me trying not to show my discomfort. I often find that I would rather not tell people how I really feel rather than have them feel bad for me.

Anxiety attacks 

These are still fairly new to me, and I’m still trying to figure them out, and thankfully I’m learning to tell when there coming on(and how to prevent them).

I’d had several of these episodes before we decided what they were, one reason being that I didn’t know that they could be pain induced, but apparently they are fairly common with people who had ongoing pain. They are basically caused by the brain being over stimulated by pain and it just goes into shock, thus making you feel worse.


I have had many many misgiving about if I should make this part of my life a subject for blogging, but the truth is, I have been going through this as best I can and the road has had lots of ups and downs. I know I have this burden for a reason and I don’t think that reason it to pretend that this is not part of my life right now.

So please if you found this post helpful, informative, or even if it held your interest to the end let me know.


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5 thoughts on “Let’s Chat about Chronic Pain

  1. I’m super proud of you for posting this! A lot of people go through this sort of thing every day and I’m sure it will be nice for them to know they aren’t alone. You’re a warrior girl, keep it up! ✌🏼

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  2. I’ve gone through debilitating joint pain when I had lupus flareups in 2010-2011, and having seizures during that horrible time (2011-2014) have contributed to my anxiety today. Thanks for positing this and bringing solace to others who feel alone about what they go through.


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