Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack



Bubble Tea Green Tea Sleeping Pack

I ordered this off Amazon where there were three options, a strawberry, a black tea, and of course the green tea. I wasn’t at all sure what to expect from this, thought it would be like a face mask and I would have to be careful not to roll over in my sleep and make a mess of it.

As it turns out is really just a really rich moisturizer that I have completely fallen for, so of course, I had to share my thoughts on it here with you.

DSC_0103Let’s start out with the packaging.

The packaging was the first thing that interested me about this product because it was whimsical and adorable. It is designed to look like a little cup of bubble tea, with a tiny spoon to help get the bubbles out of the bottom.


The texture of the gel part is very creamy and reminds me of pudding. the little gel bubbles feel exactly like the tapioca balls that you would find in actually bubble tea.

I used this every night before I went bed, using one scoop of the gel cream and one bubble. Rubbing them two together until they were mix and then applied it to my face like a moisturizer. While this did sit on my skin a little longer than a normal moisturizer I didn’t find it to be much of a problem while I was sleeping and there was no residue of it on my face when I woke up. DSC_0115DSC_0109

I have found that this was great for calming my skin if it was feeling stressed or I had so red spots when I went to bed they would be calm and much less red. I also found that my skin was super soft in the morning and felt hydrated but not oily.

My final thoughts on this adorable product is that was well worth the ten dollars I spent on it, and I have recently used this up and am really missing it. I do know if I will repurchase this right way, but I will definitely be getting it again in the near future.

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13 thoughts on “Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack

  1. This sounds like a fab product; I like the packaging too. I probably would have chosen the strawberry one myself (: glad to hear this is working for you – I suffer from terrible hormonal breakouts and the spots can be so harsh and red so I’d love to find something that helps with that xxx


  2. Ohhh this sounds so cool and definitely something that I’d love to try! I’ve never heard of anything like it but it sounds like it’d be a great moisturiser! Those little bubbles really intrigue me!
    PaleGirlRambling xo


  3. What a cute little find! I think the packaging is really quirky too and with the calming element you mentioned I think this could be a perfect gift for a beauty mad teen I know. Thanks for the share!

    Jen xxx
    Compass Keen


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