Redesigning My Room

I have been slowly redesigning my bedroom and right now it’s still in the planning stages, which means I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest.

Today I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite designs that I came across and talk a little about what I’m thinking about doing for mine. Currently, my room has a light bluish grey color on the walls, and the furniture is a mix of white and dark grey, and I have lots of aqua decorations.

My plan is to stick with the grey color scheme but go lighter with a true grey for the walls, and for the furniture, I’m going to do a light blush pink. I want to keep the aqua to give the room more color, but I want to have an all over more grownup and modern look to the room.f2969bc9abc6cead7ea3bbe6ddf1ad20--for-the-home-home-decor

I love the shades in this room, the color of the pink is just about what I’m planning on using.


I’m sorry if this picture is a bit blurry but I just love this room! I love how bright and sort of minimal it is, I also like the fur accessories and I’ve already picked up a couple of faux fur pieces.


The color on the walls is perfect, and I’m hoping to get something very similar. I also love the pillows, it just looks so cozy.

Hopefully, I will be able to get most, if not all the painting done by the end of October, and I’m shopping for a new comforter for my bed. Something white with ruffles is what I would like to find, along with some more throw pillows.

I thinking of doing some posts following along with this my project, so I hope you all like a good home decorating post.

If I were to do a few posts following along with this project what would you like to see?



13 thoughts on “Redesigning My Room

  1. My boyfriend & I are in the process of building our house and I could spend hourssss on Pinterest coming up with decor ideas! Love posts like this – we’re going for a grey colour scheme too through much of the house. It’s just so chic and modern. Love the touch of blush pink…might have to steal that haha! X


  2. Loooove the look of that theme! I’d love to see a few posts about how your getting on with the designing and maybe some DIY’s? X


  3. I love grey and blush pink! I think they look beautiful together! So beautiful in fact that that’s the colour scheme I’ve gone with for my living room! My sofa’s are charcoal grey and then I have accents of light grey and blush pink! Looking forwRd to seeing how your room turns out!
    PaleGirlRambling xo


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