Happy Birthday A Sparkle Of Grace!

DSC_0099I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

As you may have guessed, today is A Sparkle Of Grace’s birthday! That’s right, today my baby turns one. I really can’t believe that it was a year ago today that I officially started this blog.

This year I have been so incredibly blessed, both blog wise and in life, but today we are going to talk about A Sparkle Of Grace. You may are may not know that I had a different blog for nearly four years before I decided to move to WordPress and completely rebrand. That was no of the best decisions I have ever made, A Sparkle Of Grace is something I am incredibly proud of and happy to call mine.

Today I’m doing a little overview of some of my favorite posts from A Sparkle Of Grace’s first year.


Younique Moodstruck Lips

A Sparkle Of Grace’s first blogger mail was a big milestone and these lip products were so lovely that giving them a good review was a dream.


Glass Files Fit For a Princess

When Mont Bleu reached out to me a asked if I wanted to review some of their files I was not prepared for how truly stunning they would be. Every time I use a paper or even a metal file they feel so cheap and useless, so it’s safe to say I fell in love and won’t be looking back.


Let’s Chat about Chronic Pain

This post was new territory for me, I had never opened up about my chronic headaches on my blog before because I didn’t want people to feel sorry for me and just don’t like talking about it in general. I had had this post written up for a couple of months before something finally triggered me to publish it.


The Perfect Frozen Hot Chocolate: Featuring NibMor

Creating this recipe with NibMor was so much fun!

NibMor is a local Maine chocolate company that specializes in organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free treats. This recipe was one of my favorite things I made over the summer, it went over really well with my siblings as well.


Decadent Rice Krispy Treats

After working with them on the frozen hot chocolate post they got back in touch and I made these rice crispy treats and yes they were amazing. I also took over NibMor’s Instagram for a week and created a couple different recipes for that which was an amazing experience, and the sent me lots of chocolate and that’s never a bad thing.


The Natural Beauty Tag: With Beauty From Katie

Katie has been one of my favorite bloggers ever since I discovered Beauty From Katie two or three years ago, so working with her to create The Natural Beauty tag was a great experience. I was also surprised by how will the tag was received, it was so gratifying to see other bloggers doing this little tag we created.

The idea behind this tag was to take a step back from makeup and talk about how we care for the beauty we were born with.


An Interview With Lemon & Tulips

The moment I walked into Lemon & Tulips I was in love, it is the cutest shop in town and it has so much charm and character I know I had to feature it on my blog. The owner was lovely to work with, and it was so much fun going into the shop and taking pictures and interviewing her.

This is probably my proudest post so far.


Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

These cupcakes were an absolute joy to make even though the fondant pumpkins took eight hours to make. It made me so happy to have this become my most viewed post ever.


My Pamper Routine 2017

I really enjoyed doing this post, and I might decide to do a little yearly update of it.


Redoing My Dresser

I stepped out of the box again for this post, I love doing little home projects but never thought to blog about them because I’m not really very good at them. I was very surprised by how well this post went over, I guess people like to see other people struggling to redo their furniture.


Thank you all so much for helping to make A Sparkle Of Grace’s first year so much fun.

Have a wonderful New Years.



10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday A Sparkle Of Grace!

  1. I love your blog name! I hope your blog had a great first birthday too! Mine will be one in July, however starting the new year I will be able to focus on it more. Those cupcakes look delicious, I’m a pumpkin spice freak!

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