Confessions of a beauty blogger

DSC_0134So today’s post is going to chatty and probably fairly long, but we have to see how it goes.

A Sparkle Of Grace has just had its first birthday, so I thought it was high time I addressed my main blog topic. Now you probably have noticed if you follow my blog, my Instagram, or just know me in person that I love all things beauty.

In this post, I want to cover three things, when it all started, why I blog about beauty and my views on makeup. So get a cup of tea, and prepare yourself for learning things about me that you probably didn’t even want to know.

Where it all began

If you have been following my blogging journey for a couple of years, you will probably remember The New Old Fashioned Girl.  That was where I started blogging, it never intended to become a beauty blog, in fact, I don’t think it ever really did, it was a baking blog that really wanted to be a beauty blog.

I started wearing light makeup when I was fifteen, and by light, I mean really light,  on my sister’s wedding day I wore light coverage foundation and a touch of mascara. I didn’t start wearing a full face of makeup until I was eighteen, and I started blogging about it shortly after. Feel free to check out my first ever beauty post from The New Old Fashioned Girl(here) And hopefully you will agree that I’ve improved since 2015.

Why I blog about beauty 

I honestly don’t know what triggered me starting to write about beauty, it was probably reading blogs like Zoella and Fleur De Force. The fact was that I loved reading about it, and I was looking for something to do so Voila!

As time has passed I have grown to enjoy every aspect of blogging, the planning, the photography, the editing, the annoying PR emails wondering if I want to test out their detox tea( no, by the way, I really don’t), and of course the product testing.

The long and short of it is, I love writing about it, it is an adventure full of eyeliner fails and game-changing face masks.

My views on makeup

This is the most import thing I wanted to cover today, and honestly, I probably should have done a post about this from the very start.

As a believer and growing up in a Christian home I had certain guidelines that I try to follow, but I was never told I couldn’t wear certain things, then again I wouldn’t wear those things anyway so we don’t have to worry. When I was starting out experimenting with makeup I’m sure I slipped up a more than a few times, but that’s part of the learning process.

If you would be interested in seeing a post about products I wouldn’t use and why just let me know.

Now I’m going to list a somethings I think it is important to know about me and my relationship with cosmetics, and I think you will find them to be true for most beauty bloggers. You might find some of these facts to be obvious, but I want to cover them anyway.

I do not wear makeup because I don’t like my face.

It isn’t the only thing on my mind 24/7.

I don’t wear makeup all day every day.

I do not look down people who don’t wear makeup, in fact, they have my respect for their self-confidence.

I do find it to be a huge confidence booster.

I find applying my makeup to be relaxing and slightly therapeutic

It is one of the only art forms I actually enjoy.

As well as the things I mentioned above, it is also my belif that if you feel like you need to be wearing makeup before anyone can see you, you need to relax, trust me I’ve been there.  focus on getting your skin healthy or else no matter how much you spend on makeup you are not going to get its full potential.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post.







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7 thoughts on “Confessions of a beauty blogger

  1. This was an interesting read. I was a bit like you in that I never really applied much make-up in my teens – I still don’t to be honest (it’s more of an effort thing. That and I’m not very good at it). I suppose I’ve always wanted to wear it for the wrong reasons!

    I’ve never really considered applying make-up to be an art but it is, isn’t it?

    Alicia |

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting post! I don’t have much of a relationship with make up to be honest. I wear it I’m going out, got something to do, having guests over – that sorta thing. I don’t LIKE putting make up on because I find it so boring although I don’t love my face and make up definitely makes me feel better about myself. So swings and roundabouts with that one really xxx


  3. I love putting on my makeup in the morning, it’s super relaxing like you said! It’s the one time of the day where I’m like “this is for me and no-one else” Great post babe xxx


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