Florida Photo Diary



Earlier this month my family and I spent a week in Florida. It was so nice to get away and have a change of scenery, and of course to see my grandparents.

Today I wanted to share a few photos and do a little diary type thing.

Here goes!

Day One 

We arrived really late on Saturday night and didn’t end up going to bed till around 4 am. So day one we slept in and had a very relaxing morning then went for a walk on the beach in Boca Grande the afternoon.


Day Two 

Another late morning, then headed to Venice to find some lunch and do a little window shopping, then back to my grandparent’s house.

While we were waiting for dinner my brother and I did a little impromptu photo shoot by the pool which was quite fun. Later after dinner,  mom, dad and I  went for a relaxing evening swim.


Day Three

After waking up at a fairly good hour we headed off on a two-ish hour drive to Bok Tower Gardens. Both the gardens and the tower were stunning, but my favorite part had to be the squirrels.

The Singing Tower is the centerpiece of the gardens. The tower was built at the highest elevation of the site, south of a reflection pool that allows the water to reflect its full image. A 60-bell carillon set within the 205-foot tall, Gothic Revival and Art Deco tower Construction on the tower was completed for the dedication of the gardens in 1929. Recitals are given daily from the 60-bell carillon set.

The sound of the bells was hauntingly beautiful, between that, the gardens and the architecture, it felt like stepping back in time.


Day Four

Had a relaxing morning, then started out on the three-hour drive to Palm Beach. My dad had a business thing in the middle of our vacation so we took advantage by tagging along and spending some time at the hotel.  We had dinner at a really fun restaurant on the waterfront and then stayed up really late watching Paddington 2.


Day Five

My dad and brother were at an event all day, so mom and I went to breakfast and then backed up the room. After that we had our nails done at the spa then launch. They had the best fish tacos and these little sweet potato thing that was so yummy(I had the same thing for launch the day before).

Since we had our nails done at the spa, we had access to the spa pools which was wonderful as the main pool was really crowded. It was also great to have access to the spa facilities because we had to check out of our room at eleven, but we had all do at the hotel. So mom and I were able to shower and do our hair and makeup before we left for dinner.

We had dinner at the best Turkish restaurant called Agora, it was one of those unlikely looking spots but we were all blown away by it. The food was amazing and the people were so nice and helpful, seriously if your ever in Palm Beach you need to go there.


Day Six

Even though we got back to my grandparent’s house quite late the night before, we wanted to take full advantage of our last day with them by getting an early start. This started out well, but I started feeling really bad, so we ended up having a quiet morning until I felt stable. We went boating in the afternoon which was lovely, I haven’t been boating for so long and I’ve really missed it.

We stopped and walked a pretty shell covered beach, and on the way back we saw lots of dolphins which I didn’t get any good pictures of.


Day Seven 

We had a really early morning as our flight home was at night and it was an hour drive to the airport, it was fun to watch the sunrise from the car as we drove.

I’m not good at waking up in the morning(especially on three hours sleep) but it was nice to get home at a good time.


We all had such a nice time, but I have to admit to being happy to get back to the snowy Maine weather.

I also totally regret my decision not to bring my camera, I decided not to take it because it’s so big and would have been a hassle in the airport, but I would have gotten so many better pictures with it.

I hope you liked this post, I’m thinking of doing more of this type of thing only for day trips and that sort of thing. Would that be something you’d like to see?




4 thoughts on “Florida Photo Diary

  1. I’ve never been to Florida but I sure want to! I want to go to Orlando (for Disney World) and Miami (for the beach). Though I don’t think I could handle the weather in Maine at all, lol

    Hannah the Mad Dog


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