March Favorites 2018


This month I have been using the same products pretty much daily which is weird for me, I’m usually all over the place with different skincare products and different makeup.

MDacne Acne Kit 

I review these last week(here) and I have really been enjoying using them, my skin is doing a lot better. The thing I was most impressed with was that I haven’t had any problem with my skin drying out, that has always been a problem when I’m using acne treatments.

The Ordinary Liquid Primer 

This is my new favorite primer I have been using it every day, I just love it! I will be doing a comparison post on the two primers I picked up from The Ordinary, so keep an eye out for that.

The Ordinary Liquid Foundation

I’m also planning a comparison post for two foundations, but I just had to but this one in my favorites this month. This foundation is perfect for a fresh light look.

NYX Liquid Illuminator 

I think I have finally mastered the use of liquid highlighter, I have been using this one pretty much every day and I’ve been loving the way my makeup has been looking.


This month I finally broke down and got Spotify Premium and it was such a good decision. Seriously I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner, I don’t have adds for weird movies and when I want to listen to a certain song I can listen to that song as many times as I want.

Colm Keegan

As far as I know, he only has the one album I’ll Never Be Alone and It’s just beautiful. I discovered it when we were on vacation and I just fell in love with it, he’s vocal style is very natural and soothing and the songs are all so sweet. I would call it easy listening, but it’s easy listening that might make you tear up a little.

My favorites on the album are, Found The One, Beautiful Day, and Bringing Me Down.

Matt Dusk

Matt Dusk was one of those artists that I was aware of but never really listened to, but I came across one of his songs when listening to Matt Belsante and that was that. He has a very classic crooner style, so if you are a fan of the oldies I would highly recommend giving him a listen. If you do, make sure you listen to his album My Funny Valentine first.


What have you been loving in March?


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