Comparing The Ordinary Foundations


Last month I did a haul and first impresses of my first The Ordinary order(here), now that I have had the products a little longer I want to share my final thoughts on them. I will be following up with a The Ordinary primer comparison soon.


Serum Foundation 

I used a serum foundation from Bobbi Brown a year or so ago, and that was my first and only experience with them and I have to say I was not impressed. That was partly because of the price I paid for it, but when I pay a lot for a product I have very high expectations and it just didn’t meet them.

This one on the other hand really impressed me, and for $6.70 I think this is this definitely the better option. It is so lovely to wear, it is lightweight and makes my skin look healthy and glowing. I had this in my March favorites because I have been using it pretty much every day.

The only downside to this foundation for me is that it is a light coverage, which is great for the warmer months and if my skin is clear, but I can see that no being great for when I’m having breakouts. DSC_0066


Coverage Foundation 

This is exactly what it says on the bottle, a coverage foundation.

This foundation is perfect for flawless looking skin. I haven’t been using this as much as the serum foundation lately simply because I have been going for lighter makeup, but when I want a more polished look, or my skin is acting up this is great.

I have found that the coverage of this is more of a medium but it is easily buildable to a high. I have also discovered that a little goes a long way, I overdid it a couple of times before I relived that I should start with one pump and see how it goes. For the most part, one pump is enough for me.

Overall this is a great semi-matte foundation, the only problem I have is that it tends to make any dry skin more pronounced, so I couldn’t really recommend it to someone with dry skin.

Left to Right/ Coverage foundation/ Serum foundation.

Final Thoughts

I love both of these foundations and they are as good if not better then a some more expensive foundations I have tried in the past. The serum foundation is definitely favorite and I will be repurchasing and continue to use it over the summer. I think the coverage foundation is more suited to my winter makeup, so I’ll have to see how I feel about repurchasing it when autumn rolls back around.


What are your thoughts on these foundations?

I really want to try some more stuff from The Ordinary, what would you recommend I try next?



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