Revolution SophX Nude Lipsticks

A few weeks ago Revolution Beauty released their newest collaboration with SophDoesNails, who they have collaborated with before creating an eyeshadow palette and a highlighter palette. This time they created three stunning nude lipstick and SophX Extra Spice eyeshadow palette.

To be honest, I have watched a few of Sophie’s videos, but only because I found her through JazzyBumble, so I don’t dislike her but I also wouldn’t call myself a fun, I just bought these because I thought they look lovely.

I ordered all four products a couple the week after they were released and they arrived last Monday. I had planned on review the lipsticks and the palette altogether, but unfortunately, the palette arrived damaged, so I’m waiting for the replacement to arrive to review it.

Revolutions customer service is amazing by the way, they were really quick to get back to me and are sending me a replacement.


Okay, let’s talk about the packaging for a minute.

They have matte nude packaging, a shiny rose gold lid with Soph x imprinted on the bullet of the lipsticks. I have one other Revolution lipstick that has the same packaging but without the matte nude on the bottom half of the tube, and of course the SophX. I love the simplicity of the shape, while the rose gold adds a bit of fun.

All three lipsticks are in the nude family and they are soft, creamy, and have a lovely satin finish. When I originally ordered these I was thinking I would like Cake and Syrup but I wasn’t thinking I would really like Fudge, but obviously, I ordered all of them.


Syrup: Brown nude.

This is a bit of a meh shade for me, while it doesn’t look like it from the swatches it actually looks quite light, a little lighter than my natural lip color. With the right lipliner I think this is really pretty, but for the most part, I don’t like to wear lipstick that is lighter than my lips.

Cake: Rose pink nude.

Cake is definitely my favorite of the three, being a rose nude it is more in my normal lipstick comfort zone. I have been wearing this pretty much every day since I got it, and it is a beautiful “my lips but better” shade.

Fudge: chocolate brown nude.

While Fudge is definitely a color that I would typically go for I actually do like it. Like Sophie said her self it is a good nude for darker skin tones, but for pale people like me it is more of a vampy shade.

Right to Left/ Syrup/ Cake/ Fudge.


The formula of these lipsticks is so gorgeously buttery and they feel moisturizing and comfortable on the lips. These are not long wearing, so you do have to touch up after eating and drinking and thought the day but that is pretty typical of a classic tube lipstick, especially ones with such creamy consistency.


Final Thoughts

I think both Sophie and Revolution should be proud of these lipsticks, they are all lovely both packaging wish and the product themselves. These are as nice if not nicer then most of the more expensive lipsticks I have, and for $7.00 you really can’t go wrong.

I’m really excited to start testing out the Extra Spice palette so you can expect a review up very soon.

Which shade is your favorite?

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10 thoughts on “Revolution SophX Nude Lipsticks

  1. I am still yet to find a perfect nude lipstick but I love cake shade! And the packaging is lovely, I love the rose gold colour.


  2. Definitely the “cake” colour for me. I love wearing nude lipsticks well when I remember 😂 great review and just love the packaging.


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