Tartes New Sugar Rush is Just In Time For Spring. First Impressions and Review.

When I heard that Tarte Cosmetics was launching Sugar Rush I was immediately intrigued. I absolutely love Tarte but they tend to be a bit out of my everyday price range, so it’s more of a once and a while treat brand for me.

Sugar Rush is designed with Gen-Z’ers in mind, but can definitely be for everyone that loves cute, skin-loving products that don’t break the bank. Everything in the new line is under $30 and has a little bit of everything, makeup, skincare, and even a couple of fragrances.DSC_0009

I just had to try some of it out! I mean why is it cheaper then Tartes other products? How does the quality compare? I picked up one of the two palettes, one of the cream blushes, and a few minis, so now I’m excited to be sharing my thoughts with you.DSC_0043DSC_0090

The palette I choose is the Sweet Slice Eye and Cheek Palette.

The packaging is absolutely adorable, it is made of cardboard but still feels sturdy.

My main question about this palette was why it was so much cheaper then Tartes usually palettes, while I did notice that the shadow pans are a bit smaller than the pans in my other Tarte palettes but other than that I haven’t noticed any major difference.

Slice Slice Baby- A soft matte peach blush.

Just Chillin’- A pretty pearlescent cream white shadow.

Picnic– Glowy champagne colored shadow.

Just Ripe– A light pinky peach matte.

Sweet- A gorgeous rosy gold shimmer.

2 Scoops– A medium matte brown, slightly cool toned. 

Flip-Flops– A light matte tan shade.

Juicy– Beautiful dark rosy rust colored shimmer. 

Overall this is a great little palette, and I can’t get over how cute it is. All the shades in this palette are very usable for me, all very neutral and nothing too crazy.


Next up is the Beach Cheeks Cream Blush in Beaches & Cream.

I really only use cream blushes in the summer months, they are perfect for a fresh, minimal makeup look.  They came out with two colors of cream blush, Ocean Girl, and Beaches & Cream. I opted to Beaches & Cream, it is a pretty pinky peach color.

The packaging as the same feel as the classic Tarte blushes, a very sturdy feeling plastic compact, but this one is shaped like a scallop shell.

The color is quite pink, but once its blended in it looks so nice and natural. It soaks right into the skin, more like a balm than any of the other cream blushes I’ve used before.

I’m so excited to use this more once summer rolls around.


I picked up a few mini products as well. I thought that would be better so I could try out more products instead of just buying a couple. The first mini I got is the Sugar Coat Velvet Liquid Lipstick in Sprinkle. This lipstick comes in four shades, three that are variations of pinky nudes, and this one which is a deep berry shade.

I have never been a fan of liquid lipstick, but I have found that this one is more of a cream. It reminds me of the NYX Matte Lip Creams that I love so much, it doesn’t feel dry, it sits like velvet on your lips. Although it doesn’t have the classic staying liquid lipstick staying power, I would much rather wear these. I’m definitely going to be picking this up in a couple of the other shades soon.


I was actually most excited by the Sugar Rush skincare products but didn’t want to commit to buying them, so I ordered the mini Don’t Hate, Hydrate Oil-Free Moisturizer. This has a very strong sweet orange scent, so if that’s not your thing then you should probably steer clear of this one.

If your like me, and you like the sweet orange, then this is a very nice little moisturizer. The texture of it, and the feel it leaves on your skin reminds me very much of the Clinique Moisture Surge. However it doesn’t seem to be the most intense moisturizer, so with my skin recovering from winter, it doesn’t quite cut it.

I think this would be perfect for someone with oily skin, who doesn’t want tons of added moisture. I think I’m going to try this again once Summer hits, that’s when my skin gets a bit oiler, and I need a lighter moisturizer.


Tarte released two fragrances with the Sugar Rush collection, a body spray, and a rollerball perfume. I picked up a mini of the rollerball. Vacay Day Rollerball Fragrance.

This scent is said to have notes of sea spray, beach jasmine, and mandarin,  all of which you can easily find once you know that they are there. My first impression was that it smelled like jasmine and sunscreen but in the best way possible. It is a very light scent, and definitely summery, it smells with the beach.

I also ordered the Best Buds Lip Butter Balm, but it was out of stock and didn’t arrive until after I have taken the photos for this post. I will bring it up in another post here soon, but so far I’m really enjoying it.

Overall I’m very impressed with this collection, and I’m very excited to try out more from them.

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