Summer Bucket List:

Summer is here!

We have been having lots of warm sunny days, and everything is blooming and green. I have never been the biggest fan of summer, mainly because I don’t like the heat, but I do love the energy of a Maine summer. Summer for us usually involves more campfires, more ice cream, more trips to the coast, and just more wandering in general.

Today, inspired by my fellow Maine blogger and lovely human Lauren from Laurel & Iron I wanted to share my summer bucket list! Make sure you check out Lauren’s Bucket List too! (here)

Maine gets absolutely flooded with tourism this time of year, especially towards the coast, us locals tend to forget just how special it is to live here. So, this year I want to take a step back and enjoy Maine as the vacationland it is.

  1. Spend the day in Boothbay.
  2. Go to the Drive-In.
  3. Go Paddleboarding.
  4. Spend the day in Kennebunkport.
  5. Make an Ice Cream Cake.
  6. Visit some of the islands of the coast.
  7. Make Lobster Rolls.
  8. Get Ice Cream at Rococo Ice Cream Shop .
  9. Catch a show at Stone Mountain  Art Center.
  10. Wander around Wiscasset.
  11. Photo Shoot at Fort Willaims.DSC_0041

That’s it for my list! There are many other things I would like to make time for this summer, but the season is short and I think I can manage everything on this list. A couple of things I already have plans for, so I’m very excited.

What is your favorite thing about summer where you live?

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