Wandering Maine: Kennebunkport

I spent a few pleasant hours in Kennebunkport a few days after Christmas, and I fell in love! I know at once I wanted to come back in the summer when more of the shops would be open, so I added it to my list of things to do over the summer.
There were a couple of places, in particular, I wanted to stop in, Rococo handcrafted Ice Cream, Satellite Doughnuts, and Minka, but other than that, I just wanted to wander.


My sister and I headed out fairly early to get iced coffee and mini doughnuts for breakfast. Then we wandered, we visited Abacus, the book store, the sweetest little toy store, the Irish goods shop. Then had lunch on The Spirit, which is a restaurant on a sailboat in the harbor, and wow was the food amazing! I had one of the best lobster stews I think I’ve ever had, and the burger sliders were wonderful.

When it comes to history, Kennebunkport is a fishing and shipbuilding village, it has been a popular summer destination for well over a century.
Kennebunkport was originally incorporated in 1663 as Cape Porpus, as part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The town was depopulated by 1689, and not resettled again until the early 18th century.

The town was renamed Arundel, and in 1821 the town was finally renamed Kennebunkport as its economy had become one of shipbuilding and trade along the Kennebunk River. By the 1870s the town had become a popular summer destination, with hotels and homes constructed along the coastline.

In 1947, The Great Fire devastated much of York County, including Kennebunkport. Many of the homes near Goose Rocks Beach were destroyed by the fire but the area has since recovered and been rebuilt. While retaining its identity as a fishing harbor, it has a very small village area with several restaurants, galleries, a church, grocery store, coffee shop, small library, and a dozen or so adorable little shops.DSC_0085DSC_0084DSC_0072DSC_0093

Kennebunkport has a reputation as a summer haven for the upper class and is one of the wealthiest communities in the state of Maine. You can also find the Bush compound, Walkers Point, just a little way outside of town.

After a late lunch, we brought a close to a lovely afternoon by getting ice cream at Rococo. I had to try their famous Goat Cheese & Blackberry Chambord ice cream, and as odd as it sounds it was incredible!

Time to check this off my summer bucket list!



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