Wandering Maine: Blue Hill Mountain

I’m not much of a hiker, I will usually try my best to avoid a mountain whenever faced with one, but on my recent family vacation to Surry, we got to wander several of the surrounding towns and sights. One of which was Blue Hill, and Blue Hill Mountain, which of course you have to see.



On the way down we came into the most beautiful lupine field. With a view of the mountains and the bay, it was a breathtaking sight. I could have happily stayed there forever but the clouds were starting to threaten rain.


Yes, I hiked a mountain!

I was very pleased with myself, but honestly, I only did it because I wanted pictures for the blog, shocking I know. I was talking to someone about this and we agreed that if it wasn’t for our blogs and Instagram we would probably never go outside. Hey, I guess social media is good for something after all!

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