Coastal Maine Vacation

Hey everyone!
This has been a long time coming, but I’m finally getting to sharing my photo journal from my family vacation back in June. I have been wanting to write this up from the moment I got home, but somehow it got put on the back burner.

We arrive in Surry on a Saturday afternoon, about four, explored our rental house, and figured out which rooms would be whose.
The house was so pretty, and couldn’t have been in a more excellent location, right on Union River Bay with its own little stone beach. There were thirteen of us taking up the house for the week, and we were fairly comfortably divided between six bedrooms and five bathrooms.DSC_0006

Sunday was a very carefree day, with no real plans, just to enjoy each others company and the serene surroundings. We tried to go out on the paddleboard and kayaks, but the wind was too strong so we ended just paddling in place until arms were too tired to do it anymore. So we spent the rest of the day playing ping-pong and reading. Later going out to PugNuts Ice Cream in before dinner.IMG_3570DSC_0029IMG_3567

Monday was less windy so we headed out in on our various flotation devices, (I choose a kayak) and slowly paddled our way up the river into Surry. When we arrived, we docked our boats, and walked up to the street to PugNuts, for round two. Then it was back the house for a relaxing afternoon.

We took it slow Tuesday morning, some of us when out paddling, and others just hang out at the house reading. later in the afternoon, the whole gang headed out and hiked Blue Hill Mountain, then out to dinner for lobster rolls and fried chicken.

Wednesday was a peaceful day, we played Monopoly and Toss Up, and just relaxed. Later in the afternoon, we took a tour of Woodlawn House( post coming soon) and went into Elseworth to check out Rooster Bothers. That night my brother and I made dinner for everyone which was very fun! We have never cooked together before and I think we make a great team.

Thursday was our last full day, so we drove to Deer Isle, and wondered Stoning ton, which may be one of my new favorite coastal towns. We visited Nervous Nellies Jams and Jellies which was definitely an experience.

We spent must of Friday morning packing up and getting ready to head our separate ways. We meandered our way through Blue Hill, and found some lunch, then made a fairly direct trip towards home.
Our trip went out with a bang, as we ended it with a Gaelic Storm concert.

It was so wonderful to spend some quality time with the family, and I didn’t think I could love Maine anymore, but sure enough, I love even more than before. Getting to meet Gaelic Storm again was so nice, they are the greatest group, they care so much about their fans, and took the time to sign our stuff, and take pictures with us.

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