Cheeseboard for the Perfect Night In: With Maine Crisp

One of my favorite things to do with my family is to gather around the living room, usually watching a movie or show that we all enjoy, and devour a cheeseboard.
Cheeseboards have always had a special place in our house, whenever we have company, a special occasion, and lazy Sunday afternoons, there will be one in some form or other.

Lately, they have become the go-to for holidays and birthdays rather than a big fancy meal that takes so much time and effort. It’s nice and simple so everyone can relax and enjoy their evening.
What is a cheeseboard? Well, it can be whatever you want it to be! Just crackers and cheese or you can make it super fancy with different varieties of everything. I like to have a good balance of sweet, salty, and a little bit of tart.

One thing I think a lot of people forget about is crackers. Most of the time we treat crackers as a canvas for all the other flavors, with no thought to it being anything but bland with maybe a hint of salt. Which is a shame really because the right crackers can completely transform the flavors they are paired with.


Maine Crisps is a wonderful Maine company that makes the most marvelous grain-free, gluten-free buckwheat crackers! They are incredibly flavorful and crisp with the best possible ingredients. You can tell they are something special the minute you bite into them.dsc_0172-1

Cranberry Almond.
With cranberry, raw honey, and Herbes de Provence, these are a delightful balance of sweet and savory.

“Tart cranberries, a smidge of raw wildflower honey, and a medley of organic seeds with the savory undertone of Herbes de Provence. Pair this crispy crunch with soft oozy cheese and you’ve got your newest obsession.”dsc_0157

Cinnamon Maple.
Have you ever eaten something that simply made you feel happy inside? These do that to me. They have such a light, subtly sweet taste with maple, cinnamon, and nutmeg as the dominant flavors.
These are delightful with cranberry and goat cheese. I would also really like the try these with pumpkin hummus.

“Subtly sweet, slightly earthy, touched with pure maple syrup, a hint of cinnamon and balanced with sea salt. Irresistible with mild goat cheese. Great snack for the kids. They’re better than a cookie.”dsc_0167

Wild Blueberry Walnut.
The principal flavor in these is the rosemary, with a light fruity sweetness from the blueberries.
I love these with a generous bit of blue cheese and pomegranate.

“Savor naturally gluten-free buckwheat flecked with wild blueberries, California walnuts, and rosemary. Terrific paired with goat cheese and creamy blues. Deliciously satisfying on their own!”


Fresh fruit is another thing that is absolutely essential in my opinion. Fruits add sweetness and a little bit of sharpness depending on which ones you choose. I had always just done apples, but lately, I have been enjoying incorporating berries and pomegranates. The sweetness is also a really good way to balance out stronger cheeses, I never liked goat cheese until I had it with cherries.

What is your favorite treat for a cozy evening at home? Do you have any traditions you and your family do on special occasions?

Thank you much to Maine Crisps for sponsoring this post and for sending me some of their delicious crackers! Make sure you check out their website and follow them on Instagram @mainecrisp


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