Brand Overview: Florence By Mills

When I learned Millie Bobby Brown was launching her own beauty brand I was immediately intrigued, I mean the girl is only fifteen/ and Although I was very tempted to try everything right away, I waited a bit for some reviews come out and see what to general feeling towards the brand was.
While there was was a bit of backlash from Millie’s fake evening routine video, the overall consensus was that the brand wasn’t at all what people were expecting from a 15-year-old actress.

The whole feeling of Florence is keeping it fresh and natural. While it isn’t exclusively for teens, it does seem to be directed towards more youthful

Some of the products I have been using for months, and a couple I have been using for a few weeks, I am super excited to share my thoughts with you today.


Get That Grime Face Scrub

This scrub is designed to gently buffs away dead skin, oils, and dust freeing the pores. It contains vitamin E and cucumber extract which help calm and nourish the skin. This scrub is super gentle using ivory palm seed powder as the exfoliant.
I have very sensitive skin and have had issues with some scrubs before, however, this one is so nice and gentle, it leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed.
This like all the Florence skincare products I have used has a strong cucumber fragrance, which I really like it but if you don’t then just keep that in mind.


Dreamy Dew Moisturizer

Dream Dew is a beautifully soft moisturizer, formulated to calm and moisturize without feeling heavy or greasy and it does just that!
It instantly sinks into the skin feeling silky smooth.
My skin is quite dry but still pron the occasional breakout, and I have had no issues with this moisturizer


Zero Chill Face Mist

I may be slightly addicted to face mists, this is my second bottle of Zero Chill. Made with rose, lavender, seaweed and thyme extract, this mist calms and moisturizes the skin. I absolutely love the light floral scent, and how it makes my skin feel so refreshed every time I use it.
I mainly use this on bare skin, but it works well over makeup as well.


Like A Light Skin Tint F010

I got the lightest color out of twenty, its fair with cool undertones. I feel like that’s a pretty wide range for a skin tint whenever I see a tinted moisturizer or anything like that I usually only see three of four color choices.
It evens out the skin and adds a healthy glow. This is pretty much just a very light coverage, perfect if you want that my skin but better look.
I love the wear this with a little cream blush and the Tint N’ Tame brow gel for a fresh, natural look.


Love Liv Eyeshadow Palette

This palette was created in honor of Millie’s friend Liv, who passed away from pediatric cancer $75,000 of the proceeds from the Love Liv palette are donated to the Olivia Hope Foundation.
As for the palette itself, it has five neutral shades, two shimmers, and three mattes. all of the shadows have a cool tone.

Lulu: A lovely muted peach shimmer.

Angel: Glowy cream shimmer.

Sisters: Light, cool matte tan.

Ducky: Soft cream matte shade.

Hamptons: Cool dark brown matte.

While the shadows are very pretty and are definitely workable, I don’t think they are anything special. They are kind of middle of the road as far as color pay off goes. That being said, as it is more targeted towards younger people that might have been their intent to keep it simpler and more natural look.


Tint N’ Tame Brow Gel in Brown
I have been using brow gel for ages, but I have been enjoying combining the two or just using this on its own.
It’s basically mascara for your brows. It adds color, thickness, and a little bit more texture, while still looking pretty close to natural.
I got my brows tinted recently, so I haven’t been needing to do the usual steps in my brow routine. Just brush a little of this on and they are good to go!

I am extremely impressed with Florence, the skincare products, in particular, have really surprised me and I can’t wait to try more of their products. My favorites so far are the Dreamy Dew moisturizer and the Zero Chill mist.

Florence promises to stay free from parabens, sulfates, dyes, animal testing or animal by-products, synthetic fragrances.

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