Maine Magic Mud Review


Allow me to introduce you to Maine Magic Mud!

I’m so excited to be writing this post, not only because I’m sharing some amazing products with you but also that there are made right here in Maine! I know I have mentioned before how much I love small businesses but I love them even more so when they are local.


Peppermint Salt  Scrub 

“This simple organic scrub, combining the brightness of peppermint and our signature rich Magic Mud, makes a wonderful introduction to the Maine Magic Mud product line.”

This scrub smells so good! It makes me think of candy canes and hot cocoa which is never a bad thing. I have been using this on my hands and it leaves them smooth and soft, I have gotten several compliments on my soft hands since using this.


Tumeric & Neem  Salt Scrub

“The newest addition to the Maine Magic Mud line.  This organic scrub combines the cleansing powers of turmeric and neem with the revitalizing properties of our mineral-rich Magic Mud.  For help managing any skin type, this scrub can’t be beat!”

I have been using this one as a body scrub and I have been loving it, my skin has been feeling so good. This has a lovely light citrusy scent.



 “The baked mud is broken down to visible flecks in the exfoliant base which burst when being scrubbed on. As you scrub the mud becomes more and finer until the exfoliant is far smoother than it began. This unique effect allows the exfoliant to suit almost any skin type. If it is too rough to begin simply rub gently until the flecks are broken down to your desired consistency before you begin to scrub.”

So far this is my favorite, I have been using it every evening for the past week, and it makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. I really like the consistency of it as well, it is very light and creamy, and the exfoliant is fine and gentle, it also has little to no scent.


Magic Mud Masque Kit 

“By separating the liquid and dry ingredients we have been able to avoid the use of the chemicals that maintains consistency in most cream.Simply put together the two ingredients at home and you will have a classic charcoal masque combined with the benefits of Maine Magic Mud.”

I love the idea behind this kit, the fact that the ingredients can be kept pure is amazing, and I find mixing up a face mask really fun.  You mix a teaspoon of the powder and a teaspoon of the liquid, and it makes just the right amount of mask. Once applied you live it on for ten minutes, it will be mostly dry at that point. It rinses off really easily and doesn’t leave a lot of residue on your face.

This mask left my face a little rosy, but not at all uncomfortable, it did make my eyes burn a little the first time I used it but that was because I got it a little to close to my eyes, the second time I didn’t have any problems.


Tea Tree & Kelp Shampoo and Conditioner 

“Our shampoo and conditioner incorporates responsibly harvested and processed Maine Kelp and combines it with the classic advantages of tea tree oils. The wonderful properties of Maine kelp, slowly being discovered and seemingly endless (including being rich in minerals and vitamins kelp is also a great source of amino acids) are proudly brought by Maine Magic Mud to your hair.”

I was very curious to try out Magic Mud’s hair products and so far I have really liked them. I have only used this duo twice, but both times my hair felt light, clean, and smooth with that just cut feel, that we all love so well.

I can’t wait to see how this works after prolonged use.


When Magic Mud offered to send me some samples to review I was beyond excited, and now that I have been using them for a little while I can safely say that they are awesome products.

Which of these would be your favorite?


Emior 4 Step Anti-Aging Routine


Today I have a very special guest!

When I received these products, I know that I wasn’t the best person to test them out, being twenty I don’t feel that I would be the best judge of anti-aging products. Thankfully I volunteer that was a little more fitted to testing these lovely products out.

Hello, I am Anna’s mom, Julie. I was very excited when Anna received these beautiful skincare products, and as some of them were geared toward anti-aging, I knew I was the perfect one to try these. Emior’s products are a pleasure to use and make you feel special when using them. I love the natural, light scent and that they do not test on animals.


STEP 1 Gel Cleanser 

  • Fights acne and minimizes breakouts.
  • Purifies skin and lifts away impurities.
  • Soothes skin inflammation.
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores.
  • Smoothens skin.
  • Heals the skins.
  • Reduces excess oil production.

This is quite simply a gel cleanser. It feels very cool and refreshing on your skin. The Fruit Exfoliator and Gel Cleanser work well together but could be used separately as well.


STEP 2 Fruit Exfoliator

  • Revives Dull & dry skin.
  • Restore skin’s smoothness and glow.
  • Detoxifies skin and revitalizes it.
  • Reduces fine lines and sun damage.
  • Improves product penetration and skin treatment results.
  • Brightens the complexion.

This is a scrub that can be used twice a day if you desire, I used it in the evening. Very creamy and makes your skin feel so smooth! The Fruit Exfoliator and Gel Cleanser work well together but could be used separately as well.


STEP 3 Anti-Aging Serum 

  • Visibly reduces dark spots and all kinds of age spots.
  • Reinforces, smoothens and hydrates the skin.
  • Evens out wrinkles and balances uneven skin tones.
  • Brightens skin and stimulates its growth on a cellular level.
  • Helps skin appear clearer, brighter and smoother looking.
  • Protects you from environmental factors such as UV rays that accelerate aging.

Love this because it sinks in and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized.

STEP 4 Eye Cream

  • Gently moisturizes the skin around the eyes.
  • Highly effective natural ingredients for daily hydration.
  • Dramatically lifts, firms and de-puffs your eyes while you sleep.
  • Expertly balanced with soothing extracts.

This is very light and sinks in quickly, help with the puffiness that I have around my eyes in the morning.

I really like this skincare overall. The texture of my skin felt improved after using it for a week. The only thing I would include is a moisturizer after the anti-aging serum for extra moisture.


I have also used this set for the past week, and although I don’t think this set is particularly suited to my skin,  I have been really impressed with the quality of them. My favorite is the Fruit Exfoliator, it’s really gentle but you can still tell that it’s working.

You can find all of these products(here).

Thanks so much too my mom for working on this post with me.





These products were sent to me for review, all thoughts were my (our) own. 

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask


I got this mask in one of my Sephora Play boxes I think it was November.  Since then several people have asked me if I thought it was worth buying the full sized one, so I thought I would pop on here and do a mini review.

Firstly this is a really decent sized sample, I have gotten four or five uses out of it, and I think I can get one or two more.


After applying you let it dry, I have noticed that it started to feel itchy when it’s almost dry. It’s fairly easy to remove, I just use warm water and gently rub in a circular motion. This mask makes my skin feel refreshed and clean, but honestly, I haven’t used it regularly enough to tell what it does over time. 

So my final thoughts are, yes I love this mask and no I wouldn’t spend $27 for a 100ml. 

I have been in a brain fog lately, so if I missed any important information just ask me in the comments and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.


Confessions of a beauty blogger

DSC_0134So today’s post is going to chatty and probably fairly long, but we have to see how it goes.

A Sparkle Of Grace has just had its first birthday, so I thought it was high time I addressed my main blog topic. Now you probably have noticed if you follow my blog, my Instagram, or just know me in person that I love all things beauty.

In this post, I want to cover three things, when it all started, why I blog about beauty and my views on makeup. So get a cup of tea, and prepare yourself for learning things about me that you probably didn’t even want to know.

Where it all began

If you have been following my blogging journey for a couple of years, you will probably remember The New Old Fashioned Girl.  That was where I started blogging, it never intended to become a beauty blog, in fact, I don’t think it ever really did, it was a baking blog that really wanted to be a beauty blog.

I started wearing light makeup when I was fifteen, and by light, I mean really light,  on my sister’s wedding day I wore light coverage foundation and a touch of mascara. I didn’t start wearing a full face of makeup until I was eighteen, and I started blogging about it shortly after. Feel free to check out my first ever beauty post from The New Old Fashioned Girl(here) And hopefully you will agree that I’ve improved since 2015.

Why I blog about beauty 

I honestly don’t know what triggered me starting to write about beauty, it was probably reading blogs like Zoella and Fleur De Force. The fact was that I loved reading about it, and I was looking for something to do so Voila!

As time has passed I have grown to enjoy every aspect of blogging, the planning, the photography, the editing, the annoying PR emails wondering if I want to test out their detox tea( no, by the way, I really don’t), and of course the product testing.

The long and short of it is, I love writing about it, it is an adventure full of eyeliner fails and game-changing face masks.

My views on makeup

This is the most import thing I wanted to cover today, and honestly, I probably should have done a post about this from the very start.

As a believer and growing up in a Christian home I had certain guidelines that I try to follow, but I was never told I couldn’t wear certain things, then again I wouldn’t wear those things anyway so we don’t have to worry. When I was starting out experimenting with makeup I’m sure I slipped up a more than a few times, but that’s part of the learning process.

If you would be interested in seeing a post about products I wouldn’t use and why just let me know.

Now I’m going to list a somethings I think it is important to know about me and my relationship with cosmetics, and I think you will find them to be true for most beauty bloggers. You might find some of these facts to be obvious, but I want to cover them anyway.

I do not wear makeup because I don’t like my face.

It isn’t the only thing on my mind 24/7.

I don’t wear makeup all day every day.

I do not look down people who don’t wear makeup, in fact, they have my respect for their self-confidence.

I do find it to be a huge confidence booster.

I find applying my makeup to be relaxing and slightly therapeutic

It is one of the only art forms I actually enjoy.

As well as the things I mentioned above, it is also my belif that if you feel like you need to be wearing makeup before anyone can see you, you need to relax, trust me I’ve been there.  focus on getting your skin healthy or else no matter how much you spend on makeup you are not going to get its full potential.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post.







Emily’s Ardor Skincare Review


Over the past year or so I have become very fond of handmade and homemade skin care products. Love using products that were made by people that love what they do, so when Emily offered to send me a few of her products to review I was thrilled.

Today I’m going to be sharing some lovely products from Emily’s Ardor.


Lavender Hand+Body Butter Bars

I know I have mentioned how much I love lavender.I find the smell really soothing and it helps calm my headaches. So these butter bars are so nice to have sitting on my desk.

If you don’t know what butter bars are, they are bars of solid lotion. These particular butter bars are made with essential oils, shea butter, beeswax, and coconut oil. They are super moisturizing, easy to use, and unlike moisturizer from a bottle, there is no waste because there is none left in the container that you can’t get to.



Vanilla Latte Face Scrub 

Have I mentioned how much I love coffee? If you follow me on Instagram no doubt you already know that I’m a big fan of caffeine, but I’m not just a fan of coffee in liquid form, oh no, I love the smell of coffee, and I love coffee in skincare, so a vanilla latte scrub is right up my alley.

I have been using this every other morning, the smell wakes up my brain and the caffeine in the scrub wakes up my skin, so overall it is a perfect start to the day.  This scrub is made with organic coffee, vanilla beans, and coconut oil.

I only have one little problem with this scrub, and that is that it is a little messy and there tends to be quite a bit of escaped scrub that doesn’t make it to my face.



Apple Pie Brown Sugar Scrub

This scrub smells so yummy! I feel like apples tend to be a bit overshadowed by pumpkin this time of year, but I do have a soft spot for apples. This scrub leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth, and the smell makes me want a real apple pie.


My final thoughts are that I absolutely love all three of these products, they are simple, refreshing, and made with love, so there really is no way you could go wrong with any of them.

Thank you so much to Emily for sending me these lovely products, it was such a pleasure working with her. Be sure to check out her shop (here).



*These products were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.*