Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack



Bubble Tea Green Tea Sleeping Pack

I ordered this off Amazon where there were three options, a strawberry, a black tea, and of course the green tea. I wasn’t at all sure what to expect from this, thought it would be like a face mask and I would have to be careful not to roll over in my sleep and make a mess of it.

As it turns out is really just a really rich moisturizer that I have completely fallen for, so of course, I had to share my thoughts on it here with you.

DSC_0103Let’s start out with the packaging.

The packaging was the first thing that interested me about this product because it was whimsical and adorable. It is designed to look like a little cup of bubble tea, with a tiny spoon to help get the bubbles out of the bottom.


The texture of the gel part is very creamy and reminds me of pudding. the little gel bubbles feel exactly like the tapioca balls that you would find in actually bubble tea.

I used this every night before I went bed, using one scoop of the gel cream and one bubble. Rubbing them two together until they were mix and then applied it to my face like a moisturizer. While this did sit on my skin a little longer than a normal moisturizer I didn’t find it to be much of a problem while I was sleeping and there was no residue of it on my face when I woke up. DSC_0115DSC_0109

I have found that this was great for calming my skin if it was feeling stressed or I had so red spots when I went to bed they would be calm and much less red. I also found that my skin was super soft in the morning and felt hydrated but not oily.

My final thoughts on this adorable product is that was well worth the ten dollars I spent on it, and I have recently used this up and am really missing it. I do know if I will repurchase this right way, but I will definitely be getting it again in the near future.

Decadent Rice Krispy Treats


If you ever wondered if there was a way to make Rice Krispy treats fancy and elegant then you’ve come to the right place. Rice Krispy Treats have always been one of my favorites treats both to eat and to make. Typical I go for the classic sweet and simple way of making them but this time I decided to do it a little differently, and they came out amazingly.



  • 6 Cups Rice Cereal
  • 8 Cups Mini Marshmallows 
  • 6 Tablespoons Butter 
  • Dark Chocolate(I used 2 of NibMor’s Original Dark Chocolate bar)
  • Caramel( Meltable)

Grease a flat 9-13 pan.

In a large pot slowly melt the butter and the marshmallows on a medium heat stirring constantly.

Once the marshmallows are melted remove from heat and add the rice cereal, you will want to do this fairly quickly. Gently stir until the cereal is completely coated.

Now press the mixture into your prepared pan using a  greased spoon or your hands( if you do use your hands make sure to grease them first).

Once the marshmallow mixture is evenly spread out, sprinkle with some remaining mini marshmallows and gently press them down so they stick. Set aside while you melt the chocolate and the caramel.

How you melt the chocolate and caramel is up to you, for the most part,  I find that a Bain Marie works best.

I chopped up a few salted caramels and saved out a couple squares of chocolate for decoration and texture. I started by sprinkling the bits of caramel fairly evenly over the top and followed with the melted chocolate and caramel.

Let the toppings set for about twenty minutes before cutting into squares.


I absolutely love the texture of this bars, all the different toppings really shine through. I think I still prefer the classic, but these are great for adding a touch of class to a fun and yummy treat.

Thanks so much to NibMor for supplying the chocolate for this recipe, if you would like to see the other recipe I did with them you can find it(here).

The Perfect Frozen Hot Chocolate: Featuring NibMor


It has been forever since I have done a recipe on A Sparkle of Grace. I think the last one I did was in March, and that is simply ridiculous.

I am super blessed to have the chance to work with NibMor on this post. NibMor is Maine based company which makes it really special to me. I am a huge fan of local businesses and have been wanting to work with more of them.

”  At NibMor we have a deep commitment to providing better-for-you chocolate including natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and fair trade products so that you can indulge mindfully every day.”

Quick confession, I am a massive Starbucks fan. From they’re black coffee to they’re strawberry acai refresher, but my guilty pleasure is the frappuccino. This recipe is inspired by said delicious beverage.



  • 2 Cups Ice Cubes
  • 4 Scopes Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 3 Packets of NibMor Drinking Chocolate
  • Whipped Cream
  • Shaved Chocolate
  • Caramel Sauce

What To Do:

Using a food processor or a blender finely chop the ice cubes and add the ice cream blend until the ice cream is just combined.

Add in the drinking chocolate. I used two of their 6 spice and one of their traditional. Blend until the chocolate is combined.

Pour the frozen hot chocolate into your favorite glasses, (I use mason jars) and decorate as desired.

I swirled a generous amount of whipped cream and drizzled caramel sauce on top and finished it off with shaving some of my NibMor dark chocolate sea salt bar, and sprinkling it on top.



I had so much fun making this recipe and I think it came out amazing and I’m sure I will be making it a lot this summer. It was SO YUMMY!  This could easily be doubled to make up enough for six people.


Thanks so much to NibMor for sending me their lovely products and making this post possible. I had so much fun creating this recipe, and I have already had requests to make it again.




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The Natural Beauty Tag:With Beauty From Katie


I have been reading Katie’s blog since 2015, so when I started to think about collabing with another blogger She was the obvious first choice and I was so excited to collab with her on this tag.

What is this tag all about?

Well instead of chatting about makeup and how to make ourselves look even more fabulous, we thought it would be fun to talk a little about how we care for the beauty we were born with.

Thus The Natural Beauty Tag was born!

What do you love most about your skin?
It isn’t very sensitive! A lot of my friends and relatives have sensitive skin and are very careful about the products that they use, but luckily there aren’t many products that cause me to have a breakout. I haven’t found many that actually do something, but at least they don’t cause harm.
What is your biggest skin concern?
It can be dry, especially in the winter. I have had eczema in the past so I’m constantly trying to prevent it again. 
Do you tend to use skincare/haircare products from one brand or do you switch them up?
With skincare I use a variety of products, but with haircare I at least like to use a shampoo and conditioner from the same line. I’m currently using the Redken Allsoft range, which I love, but I’m going to switch it up when those run out.
How does your skincare routine change throughout the seasons?
I use a gel, charcoal-based cleanser in the summer when my skin isn’t very dry, and use a cream cleanser in the winter because it’s less stripping. My moisturizers are also a lot stronger in the winter. 
At what age did you start or will you start using anti-aging products?
I’ve been using an eye cream for about a year (I’m twenty now), sunscreens, and I just started using an anti-aging bee venom serum. I’ve heard it’s much easier to prevent wrinkles than getting rid of them, so I’m trying to start as early as I can! 
What do you do to rescue your skin when it feels tired and gross?
Exfoliate! I’m obsessed with scrubs and it seems like I have a different one for each body part. Currently I’m using the Alba Botanic pineapple enzyme exfoliator the face, Tocca’s Cleopatra scrub on my chest and arms, and the Lush Ocean Salt scrub on my legs.  I highly recommend the first two, but I don’t like the scent of the Lush one and it isn’t gritty enough for my preference! I recently picked up the Soap and Glory Sugarcrush scrub, which smells amazing and I hope I will like much more.
What are your go-to skincare products?
The only ones I’ve found that I will repurchase are the Alba Botanical scrub that I just mentioned and the Ordinary Moisturizing Factors + HA moisturizer. I really want to try more from the Ordinary, I have a feeling they could be a holy grail skincare line, but other than those two I haven’t found any that I want to stick with.
Do you think that organic or all-natural ingredients truly make a difference in skincare or haircare?
Depending on the ingredient and the brand, yes! Oils are especially beneficial to my skin and hair. I try to look for products that have high-quality ingredients listed close to the top of the list. I’m also trying to be more aware of what I’m washing down the drain, so the more natural a product is the better I feel about it.
What type of hair do you have?
My hair is dark brown (I’ve never dyed it) and is somewhat long, it’s well past my shoulders. It’s very damaged from years of competitive swimming and heat styling without a heat protectant, but I really don’t want to cut it! I think it’s on the thicker side and it’s naturally wavy.  
Do you like to wear your hair naturally or do you usually style it?
I straighten it most of the time or wear it in a ponytail or bun. I very rarely wear it down naturally because I can never depend on it to look nice. I’m testing out sea salt sprays as well because I love the tousled wave look. Any recommendations would be much appreciated!
How do you keep your hair healthy?
Whether or not I have “healthy” hair is debatable, but my hair has definitely improved in the past few years! I wash it around three times a week, focusing shampoo only on the scalp where the oils are produced and putting conditioner only on the ends, where the oils never reach. I use dry shampoo (like the Batiste cherry kind) as many times as I can get away with. I always let my hair dry naturally and use a heat protectant before straightening it. I’ve also started using a hair mask around once a week (I’m using the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque) and I let that sit in my hair for around ten minutes. I do still swim occasionally so before I go in the water I put oil or conditioner on the ends. Oh, and I use a lot of leave-in conditioner! The one from It’s a 10 is my go-to, it’s recommended by a ton of swimmers and surfers who probably have damaged hair like me.
Do you feel like there is a misconception about beauty bloggers being dependent on makeup?
Absolutely! With women in general I think there is this idea that we wear makeup out of insecurity. Maybe some people do, and I don’t judge them for it, but I doubt so many people would dedicate much of their time and money buying, watching, writing about, and practicing their makeup skills if they didn’t love it. Personally, I love switching up my makeup routine and learning new techniques! It makes me really happy, and I’m guessing other beauty bloggers feel the same way. If I “depend” on makeup it’s only because I find it a hobby and get joy from it, the same way I “depend” on books or music.
Thank you so much to Katie for working with me to create this tag.
I answered the same questions over on her blog so be sure to head over to Beauty From Katie to read my answers and give her a follow while you’re there.
I wouldn’t know where to start with tagging bloggers, so if you’re reading this, tag your it!
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Glass Files From Aveniro


I was first introduced to glass nail files a couple of months ago, and there has been no going back. Forget those cheap little cardboard ones and even the metal ones, these unassuming little glass files are a game changer.

I am super excited to have the chance to try out these great products from (Aveiro), and have been testing them out for the last few weeks.


Medium & Small Nail Duo Files

These files have a double roughness (thus making them duo). The rougher side of the file is more abrasive but still gentle on the nails, making for a fast and easy shaping of the nails. The smoother side is for the final smoothening and shaping of the nail.

My favorite of the two is the medium because I find the size easier to handle, but the small is great for keeping in my bag.



Foot File

This foot scraper has an abrasive surface that covers the whole area of the foot scraper. With two sides, both different roughnesses, the rougher side is made to remove dirt and old skin, the smoother side for a final clean and smooth of the skin.

I’m not one hundred percent sure whether I’m supposed to use this wet or dry, but I have been using dry.


Final Thoughts

I am super impressed with the quality of these files, they are quite weighty and I can tell that they are going to last me for a good long while. One of my favorite things about these is how easy they are to clean, just a few drops of soap and some warm water and you’re on your way.

Overall, I would highly recommend these lovely files. Seriously glass files are the best.



*These products were sent to me for review but all thoughts are my own.


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