Wandering Maine

Welcome to Wandering Maine Collection!

Here you will find ever expanding compilation of my adventures around my home state. With pretty pictures and loads of history, I’m sure you will fall as much in love with Maine as I have.

DSC_0339Wandering Portland Highlight & Fort Williams 

When most people think of Maine, they think of lobster, lighthouses, and blueberries, but there is really nothing more quintessentially Maine then Portland Head Light. (Read More)


Wandering Maine: Downtown Portland

Although I have spent quite a bit of time in Portland through the years, I have never taken a whole day just to explore with no particular destination in mind. It has really endeared this city to me even more, learning some of its histories and taking it the atmosphere has really made me appreciate that you don’t have to travel far have new experiences and learn new things. (Read More)


Wandering Maine: The Hamilton House

This is a second time I have toured the Hamilton House, but I feel like I learned so much more this time. I’m not that crazy about historical museums, but I do love touring old homes like this one, it always feels a little more personal. The house itself is still very much the way the last owners left it. (Read More)


Wandering Maine: Boothbay Harbor

There are so many darling little towns dotted along the coast of Maine, each special in their own unique way but  Boothbay is by far my favorite. It has everything you could ask for, a picturesque harbor, quintessentially New England architecture, sweet little shops and boutiques, the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, and some simply amazing food. (Read More)


Wandering Maine: Castle Tucker

Jane Tucker lived in the house until 2003 while working with Historic New England to catalog the thousands of objects, furnishings, books, prints, costumes, and textiles contained in the house. In 2003 Historic New England opened Castle Tucker as a historic house museum. (Read More)


Wandering Maine: Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Aglow

On December 26th My family took the three-hour drive up to Boothbay to visit the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens for their annual Gardens Aglow, the biggest lights display in New England with over 650,000 lights. (Read More)


Wandering Maine: Kennebunkport

I spent a few pleasant hours in Kennebunkport a few days after Christmas, and I fell in love! I know at once I wanted to come back in the summer when more of the shops would be open, so I added it to my list of things to do over the summer.
There were a couple of places, in particular, I wanted to stop in, Rococo handcrafted Ice Cream, Satellite Doughnuts, and Minka, but other than that, I just wanted to wander. (Read More)


Wandering Maine: Laudholm Farm

Welcome to Laudholm Farm! One of the prettiest saltwater farms in Maine. With the wide-open sky, rolling fields, and a short walk to a gorgeous, peaceful beach, it really couldn’t be more ideally situated.


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