Maine Magic Mud Review


Allow me to introduce you to Maine Magic Mud!

I’m so excited to be writing this post, not only because I’m sharing some amazing products with you but also that there are made right here in Maine! I know I have mentioned before how much I love small businesses but I love them even more so when they are local.


Peppermint Salt  Scrub 

“This simple organic scrub, combining the brightness of peppermint and our signature rich Magic Mud, makes a wonderful introduction to the Maine Magic Mud product line.”

This scrub smells so good! It makes me think of candy canes and hot cocoa which is never a bad thing. I have been using this on my hands and it leaves them smooth and soft, I have gotten several compliments on my soft hands since using this.


Tumeric & Neem  Salt Scrub

“The newest addition to the Maine Magic Mud line.  This organic scrub combines the cleansing powers of turmeric and neem with the revitalizing properties of our mineral-rich Magic Mud.  For help managing any skin type, this scrub can’t be beat!”

I have been using this one as a body scrub and I have been loving it, my skin has been feeling so good. This has a lovely light citrusy scent.



 “The baked mud is broken down to visible flecks in the exfoliant base which burst when being scrubbed on. As you scrub the mud becomes more and finer until the exfoliant is far smoother than it began. This unique effect allows the exfoliant to suit almost any skin type. If it is too rough to begin simply rub gently until the flecks are broken down to your desired consistency before you begin to scrub.”

So far this is my favorite, I have been using it every evening for the past week, and it makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. I really like the consistency of it as well, it is very light and creamy, and the exfoliant is fine and gentle, it also has little to no scent.


Magic Mud Masque Kit 

“By separating the liquid and dry ingredients we have been able to avoid the use of the chemicals that maintains consistency in most cream.Simply put together the two ingredients at home and you will have a classic charcoal masque combined with the benefits of Maine Magic Mud.”

I love the idea behind this kit, the fact that the ingredients can be kept pure is amazing, and I find mixing up a face mask really fun.  You mix a teaspoon of the powder and a teaspoon of the liquid, and it makes just the right amount of mask. Once applied you live it on for ten minutes, it will be mostly dry at that point. It rinses off really easily and doesn’t leave a lot of residue on your face.

This mask left my face a little rosy, but not at all uncomfortable, it did make my eyes burn a little the first time I used it but that was because I got it a little to close to my eyes, the second time I didn’t have any problems.


Tea Tree & Kelp Shampoo and Conditioner 

“Our shampoo and conditioner incorporates responsibly harvested and processed Maine Kelp and combines it with the classic advantages of tea tree oils. The wonderful properties of Maine kelp, slowly being discovered and seemingly endless (including being rich in minerals and vitamins kelp is also a great source of amino acids) are proudly brought by Maine Magic Mud to your hair.”

I was very curious to try out Magic Mud’s hair products and so far I have really liked them. I have only used this duo twice, but both times my hair felt light, clean, and smooth with that just cut feel, that we all love so well.

I can’t wait to see how this works after prolonged use.


When Magic Mud offered to send me some samples to review I was beyond excited, and now that I have been using them for a little while I can safely say that they are awesome products.

Which of these would be your favorite?


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6 thoughts on “Maine Magic Mud Review

  1. I didn’t realise you lived in Maine! (The set of IT!) I’m fascinated with America, I’ve never been and it seems like such a stark contrast to the UK. I love supporting small local businesses too, it’s great you’ve found these and can help spread the word about them xxx


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