9 Ways I’m Coping with Quarantine

How is everyone fairing these days?
I am currently sitting in on my front deck in the sun, eating popcorn, and drinking coffee. So I guess life is going pretty well.

We are on quarantine day… I don’t even know anymore, and I may or may not have fallen down a Weird Al wormhole. Well, everyone has their own way of coping.

Here are some of the things I have been doing to keep myself busy and sane.

Getting ready for the day!

Admittedly, I have been sleeping in more than I would normally, but I am going to be getting a handle on that her soon.
I think the majority of us makeup wearers could do to let our skin rest a bit more, but it’s important to feel pulled together, so do whatever works for you.
Lately, I have just been filling in my brows and putting on some red lipstick, which always puts me in a good mood. And yes, I have been wearing yoga pants every day, but I put on a nice shirt.

Eating Healthily!

Healthyish, let’s not get crazy.
Two months ago, I made a few dietary changes, going off of the biggest fibromyalgia trigger foods. Removing dairy, gluten, eggs, red meat, anything in the nightshade family altogether, and cutting back on sugar.
When boredom starts to sneak in, it’s very tempting to eat every snack you have, so make sure you have some good things to snack on.

Not watching TV during the day!

Very tempting and fun occasionally. I tend to watch a youtube video of three while I am doing my morning routine. Still, I’m trying not to watch anything significant before late afternoon.

Keeping in touch with my people!

Being a professional introvert, staying home has never been a problem for me, but I do miss my people sometimes. I have become very thankful for Zoom, FaceTime, for keeping me connected with my friends.


Reading more!

I just finished a Tale of Two Cities, and a mystery by Charles Todd call The Murder Stone. Now I’m rereading Much Ado About Nothing because it’s one of the best things Shakespeare ever wrote. I’m also halfway through Escape The Woods, which is written by fellow New England blogger Gabriella Cathrine.
Avoiding online shopping!

I’ve actually done okay with this, everything I’ve ordered I actually needed…I swear.

Painting My nails!

Having something bright and cheerful to look down at is always a mood booster.

Kitchen experiments!

Since I’m not baking for work right now, I have a little more time and energy to spend experimenting. I have been making matcha lattes and Dalgona coffee. I’ve also been come up with a recipe for gluten and dairy-free edible cookie dough, which has been a sweet little quarantine snack.


Listening to uplifting music!

I listen to music pretty much constantly anyway. Right now, I have been upping the amount of cheery and motivational music I have been listening to.

What have you been doing to keep yourself mentally stable and relatively productive?

Stay safe, stay happy.

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